‘Ludwell Life Oak’ Tree Planting & Volunteer Award

Burridge Hill has an exciting new addition!

Volunteers from Ludwell Life and Devon Wildlife Trust’s Anya and Chris have today, 5th Feb 2022, planted a gorgeous young tree of the Quercus Rober species on the hill just by the entrance to the park from Parkland Drive.

The English Oak, named ‘The Ludwell Life Oak’ – is a sturdy young sapling, just 5 years old. It will be protected by wooden uprights and wire fencing – keeping cattle and other potential risks at bay until it is is old enough for the structure to be removed.

It now stands proudly against the skyline on Burridge hill, close to the bench, to be enjoyed by all.


In addition to the new tree planting, Ludwell Life volunteers were thrilled to be presented with a Volunteer Award from Devon Wildlife Trust, to acknowledge their efforts and the input from the community group.

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