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Article by Matilda, 10, about the first planting

Matilda Tarling came along to the launch of the orchard with her family. She is a keen writer and interviewed people to write an article for us and for her school.

Residents of Countess Wear and lovers of Ludwell Valley Park enjoyed planting six apple trees, not to mention the wide variety of delicious teas and cake.

On Sunday 10th December, around thirty people attended the opening day of the Ludwell Valley Community Orchard. The project has been organised  to create value for local people and also for wildlife. “ This field as it is isn’t that rich in wildlife, but if you plant trees you start to bring in birds, insects and other plants,” said organiser Lynn Wetenhall. Young and old people spent the morning digging, planting, stamping and hammering. Three year-old Harry mostly enjoyed  “saving” worms and eating cake! Whilst James, another volunteer said, “It’s been lovely to do something fun with my community!” Overall, the event went very well. Ludwell Life community group, who are leading the project,  were thrilled that by lunch six Devon apple trees were firmly in the ground, halfway to their goal of twelve.

We can look forward to apple picking and pressing in the future!

By Matilda Tarling, 10


Here are the fantastic people who turn out to make Ludwell Valley Park a better place for people and for wildlife.