If you would like to make a donation to support improvement projects across Ludwell Valley Park, you can make them through Ludwell Life. We can accept donations that are for:

  • Supporting the work that our group does. This is best done by being a Friend of Ludwell Life and making an annual contribution.
  • For a specific object or project, subject to that being within our agreed activities in the Valley Park and fitting with Devon Wildlife Trust’s goals and rules.
  • For our community orchard project in particular. We welcome approaches from individuals, groups and companies.

You can make a donation at any time, or contact us to discuss a donation. If you want your donation to be specifically for the community orchard, please reference your BACS payment as ‘orchard’.

  • BACS: Ludwell Life account number 65802913, sort code 089299.
  • Cheque: Make out to Ludwell Life, and post to D Robertson, 28 Parkland Drive Exeter EX25RX