Friends of Ludwell Life

Why be a Friend?

Friends of Ludwell Life make a small annual payment to support what we are trying to do, and help us achieve more, sooner. Having Friends helps us by:

  • Providing core funding for essential group running costs. Everyone involved is a volunteer, but taking action inevitably costs money, not all of which can be covered by applying for grants (which we also do).
  • Increasing the strength of our collective voice when we deal with the many organisations that impact on Ludwell Valley Park
  • Creating a pool of potential help, from fundraising through to practical conservation work, researching local issues, or helping with a specific project.

Be a Friend

If you would like to become a Friend of Ludwell Life, or to continue to be a Friend, the most helpful way to do this is online via WebCollect, because it saves us administration time. On WebCollect, you can pay via online banking (BACS).  Please note that if you sign up to be a Friend you will be added to our mailing list to receive our newsletters, unless you tell us otherwise.

Be a Friend via WebCollect

If you prefer not to use the internet for making payments, please download and complete this form (pdf).