Ludwell and other valley parks to be handed over to Devon Wildlife Trust

Exeter City Council has been in secret negotiations for two years, to hand over management of the city’s largest green spaces – the valley parks – to Devon Wildlife Trust. This has just been announced and is going before the council’s Scrutiny Place Committee next Thursday, Sept 8th 5.30. The report being considered is here. Scrutiny Committee report on transfer of valley parks. Please read it, and if you have queries or concerns, let your local councillors know ASAP, because after Scrutiny Committee, the report will go to the council’s main committee on September 15th and will then be more ‘set in stone’.  Ludwell Life is not taking any position, although we are surprised at the secrecy with which this has been done, and the complete lack of any council policy regarding transfer of public assets into other other hands. We will hear what everyone has to say and of course, keep you informed.