Orchard Donations

May 2019 – Special fundraiser to buy benches for new seating area – please donate!

We want to buy 4 benches to create  a new seating area right by the orchard. We have to raise £2000 to buy the benches, which will be arranged so that a group of people can sit together and chat. The fence on the path side of the seating area will be removed, making this a really attractive area, just a couple of minutes walk from Pynes Hill business park.

We think that you – the people who use and love Ludwell Valley Park – can help us to raise this money. We have a very generous starting donation from Redrow Homes (thank you so much), so it will just take some of you out there, and hopefully some more Pynes Hill businesses, to add to this starter pot and we will be able to get the benches put in for you to enjoy this summer.

How to donate

  1. By PayPal, www.paypal.com . Search using our email ludwelllife@gmail.com
  2.  By BACS transfer (please use reference ‘bench’ so we know your donation is for the bench fund).  Ludwell Life bank account. Sort code 089299.  Account 65802913
  3.  By cheque, payable to Ludwell Life. Post to L. Wetenhall, 50 Well Oak Park, Exeter EX2 5BB

Other Donations

If you would like to make a donation to support any other improvement projects across Ludwell Valley Park, you can make them through Ludwell Life.  Or if you would like to sign up to become a Friend of Ludwell Life, go here

Donate an orchard tree

We welcome donations or sponsorship to buy one or more trees for the community orchard. For anyone considering a tree as a memorial or marker of something or someone, please note that it is not possible to dedicate any one tree, or mark it with a plaque. This is because of the need to maintain the natural environment and ‘feel’  of Ludwell Valley Park for the benefit of all visitors and wildlife alike. Using this approach, Ludwell Life is able to make the best use of any dedicated donations you are kind enough to give.

Anyone donating a tree to the orchard will be able to place a message on the special webpage on the Ludwell Life website, with their message / dedication, and will also receive a certificate of the donation and if wishes,  the reason for it, from Ludwell Life.

To cover the costs of buying and planting a tree for our orchard, (with essential tree guard), costs £225. We welcome donations for any amount towards a tree and encourage you to think about a joint tree purchase across members of a family, a social group, business or organisation.

Donate towards a bench

Whilst there is agreement that we need seating within the community orchard, agreeing on what kind of seating has been an interesting discussion. We have talked to Devon Wildlife Trust (who took over long term management of Ludwell Valley Park in 2019 from Exeter City Council).

The agreement we have reached is that within the orchard field itself, because of issues relating to the grazing cows in some months, and to maintain the most natural feel possible, benches of the kind shown here are ideal. These are very attractive worked logs, with an example of a local bird or creature on each end and some words if wanted. We would like to see two or three of these installed –  but we need to raise money to do that. Each of these benches costs around £1000 to buy and install; (they have to be anchored down to stop them being stolen unfortunately).

We hope that you – members of the public and perhaps businesses from Pynes Hill, whose staff use the park for their breaks and after work, will help us to fundraise for some of these really beautiful benches.

If you are interested in making a donation towards a bench or to buy or sponsor a whole bench,  please note that if you want to have a plaque on the bench, this can only contain information relating to the person or company making the donation and a date. No other wording or dedications can be accepted.  If you donate money for a bench for the community orchard, you can get acknowledgement on the Ludwell Life website and a certificate.