Our Steering Group

What’s the role of the Steering Group?

The Steering Group is there to achieve the purpose and aims of the group. This means driving and managing Ludwell Life’s activities. The Steering Group is the point of contact for our interactions and work with other organisations – the City Council, Devon Wildlife Trust, local schools etc

We operate mainly by email, with meetings held only when necessary.

What does being on the Steering Group mean?

Being on the Steering Group requires people who:

  • Are committed to achieving the aims of the Group, as set out in our purpose and aims.
  • Within their Ludwell Life Steering Group role, do not formally or informally, act as representatives of another organisation, or seek to promote a narrow set of interests
  • Are comfortable with using email as a key means of communication within the Steering Group, including handling and filing a fair volume of email and documents, and accessing a shared Gmail email account and Google documents.
  • Are willing to undertake tasks in between Steering Group meetings ie take an active role, beyond just turning up to meetings. These tasks will usually be suited to your own skills and experience, but could include writing emails, letters, meeting people – including people from local councils and other agencies, as well as voluntary groups and charities – to discuss projects, finding out about things, funding research and applications, heading up or being part of one of our Working Groups, and so on.
  • Ideally, have a specific skill or experience that is helpful to the Steering Group as a whole
  • Enjoy working as a part of a team who share values and goals.

Becoming a member of the Ludwell Life Steering Group

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Steering Group, please email us a short note about yourself and why you want to join us. Assuming we are all happy to go forward, the next step would be to attend meeting of the Steering Group to get a feel for the Group and how we work. After that, we will have chat internally and with you, and either invite you to join, or invite you to perhaps join one of our Working Groups, or decline your offer to be on the Steering Group if we feel that your skills are already covered for example.

Please email LudwellLife@gmail.com, or if you would like more information first, please ring Lynn Wetenhall on 0797 441 4613.