Community Orchard

The orchard field

Ludwell Life & Devon Wildlife Trust  are working together to create a community orchard. This will gradually turn what was a featureless field, low in habitat value, into a place for sitting and for picnics, provide a harvest for local people of fruit, and also enriched habitat for wildlife.

There will eventually be a flat space to hold small community events too.  We have already installed two benches in the corner of the field looking over the orchard.

How you can help

The orchard needs friends – people who will help keep any eye on it, help plan maintenance and new planting activities, promote contacts with local schools and businesses and so on.  We would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved with this project. No special skills needed – just people who care about the orchard and want to see become the wonderful resource it will soon be. Email us at, or send a message on Facebook.

Here’s a gallery of our supporters hard at work planting the first trees in December 2021 and a second gallery of the additional trees planted in January 2022.

Donations for the orchard

We need money to buy more tree and benches.  If you are interested in making a donation to support buying any of these things, please get in touch.

What will be there?

An agreement with Natural England means that cattle will continue to graze this field, so all the new trees have substantial guards until they are mature enough to withstand a cow leaning on them. There will be a natural feel to the whole place, with a mix of native species Devon fruit and nut trees. We have raised funds for two attractive benches. If you are interested in sponsoring a bench or donating money for a bench, please get in touch.

This is a long term project, with phase 1 covering the south facing slope of the field, and the whole of the other side, the north facing slope, being left for further discussion as the orchard takes shape. You can see a simple design for phase 1, and the division of the field into two phases.